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Divorce is often an emotional struggle. Your marriage is over and you need to complete the demanding legal process of ending the relationship. You worry about the future, your children and what will happen. And you worry about how much this will cost. Our attorneys at Brown & Bouchard, PLLC understand your concerns and are sensitive to both your emotions and your finances.

The family law courts are foreign territory for most and the process can seem opaque and confusing. As your experienced guides throughout the process, we take the time to explain each stage, your options, potential consequences and we do it in clear language, to ensure that you can make informed decisions.

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Family court can be an intimidating place. The clerks and judges are very busy and expect you to know what you are doing. The challenge is keeping your emotions in check while making the astute legal decisions that will govern your future.

Our attorneys can relieve you of the uncertainty of not knowing what to do. We also understand your concerns about the cost of legal services and we work to provide cost-effective representation, including unbundled services that allow you to keep your finances in control.

We can help with a broad range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody and support, and property division in New Hampshire.

This provides us with an extra depth of understanding when helping all our clients with aspects of their case involving children.

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